A custom wedding vow renewal dress for our dear customer, Whye Suet

New Orleans, here we go!

We were super excited when our dear customer, Whye Suet, reached out to us for a custom Wedding Vow Renewal for her 26th Wedding Anniversary. This would be the first time a custom dress from LiilooDesigns travelled to the United States. Read Whye Suet’s story below in her own words.

Reading the testimonials from LiilooDesigns’ clients, I decided to give it a try.

26 years ago, during my Wedding Reception in Malaysia, most of the wedding planning was somewhat influenced by the limited budget my husband and I had, as a young couple, not long after our graduation and with the commitment to other priorities in life including our new home in Singapore. Moreover, many of the set-up were also somewhat in compliance to the requests by our parents. 

Fast forward to 2019, I was extremely pleased that the set-up of our Wedding Vow Renewal ceremony was completely up to our own discretion.

We have chosen French Quarter Wedding Chapel, New Orleans, LA, USA as the venue to renew our Vows and to commemorate our 26th Wedding Anniversary on 25 November 2019, as it has always a special place in my heart since I worked in New Orleans from 2012-2015.

The beauty of Wedding Renewal is that one has almost no boundary when it comes to the set-up including the selection of the gown. I wanted something which could create a “East meets West” ambience. So, instead of a traditional white wedding gown, I opted for a maroon long dress with long lace sleeve and an open back. I started my search for my potential designer/tailor in Singapore in March 2019, and this person needed to be sufficiently flexible with my schedule as I was residing in Dubai and I would only be back to Singapore twice (in May and August 2019) prior to my event in November in the US.

I was extremely fortunate to have found Emily from LiilooDesigns from google search and reading the testimonials from her clients, I decided to give it a try. I communicated the first time with Emily via email on 9 March 2019 and received her reply on the very same day. I shared with her my requirements specifically my schedule and design needs and she was extremely accommodating and responsive. Moreover, I shared with her of my concern for my eczema issue especially in winter season and without any hesitation, she recommended me a specific Japanese lace fabric which would help with my issue.

I met Emily the first time in Singapore on 1st May for the measurement and by 26th May, I was able to do my first fitting. During my subsequent visit to Singapore on 14th August, I managed to do my second fitting which needed only some slight adjustments. On 22nd August, Emily was already able to present to me with the final product, without any fitting actually, as we met in downtown.

I would sum up my experience with Emily from LiilooDesigns to be an extremely pleasant one, as she was dedicated, accommodating and most of all, professional in handling all my requirements. She has contributed significantly to making a success of my special day especially when almost everything was coordinated remotely, in consideration of the current country of my residence in Dubai and the venue of my Wedding Renewal in New Orleans, US.

So, thank you, Emily, for making my special day a memorable one!

Big Hugs from New Orleans!

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