Collaboration with 1-Host and their Riverhouse Wedding Fair 2019

It was such a privilege collaborating with 1-Host! We recently designed a unique & exclusive wedding dress in celebration of 1-Host’s 2019 Wedding Fair at The Riverhouse. It was great working with the talented 1-Host design team who definitely share our passion for unforgettable weddings.

Dapper Pictures

Singapore’s wedding scene is full of talented individuals. And Kevin from Dapper Pictures is no exception. Look no further, if you need a great wedding photographer. Throughout his professional journey, Kevin has won prestigious international photography awards and has contributed to leading magazine titles and publications. His work has been exhibited across the region but […]

New custom wedding dress studio in Singapore

LiilooDesigns’ new design studio is finally complete! I’m so happy these days. It took a few months to plan the re-design of LiilooDesigns’ bespoke wedding dress studio in Singapore and receive the shipment of furniture and accessories. But now everything is finally here and our new studio is complete. You’re most welcome to visit!

Custom bespoke wedding dresses made in Singapore

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and with a custom bespoke wedding dress designed and tailored in Singapore by LIILOODESIGNS™ you can rest assured that your wedding dress will fulfill all your expectations. Our design process includes designing the wedding dress based on your ideas and dreams, fabric selection and both locally in Singapore and […]

Introducing LiilooDesigns’ new limited edition Queen of the Night collection

LiilooDesigns’ new Queen of the Night collection was designed in the middle of some life-altering events. Over the last year I first became and wife and then a mother. I am at the same time emotional, excited, transformed, and apprehensive, which is reflected in the design of the new collection. Whereas my previous collection was […]

Mark’s 3 piece custom tailored groom suit

When it comes to men in suits, people always have the feeling that only successful and important people wear suits. So if a guy is wearing a suit, he must have done something right. What woman wouldn’t like to be a part of a man’s success? No matter what others might say, we have to […]

My very own mermaid silhouette custom wedding dress

I think I’m pretty much the luckiest girl around. Not many get the opportunity to design and make their own wedding dress. The wedding dress is always something most girls dream about and so did I! I started looking around for my wedding fabric a few months before the actual wedding. I always thought I […]

Fashion start-up: Designing and producing a fashion collection

On August 7th 2017 we celebrated LiilooDesigns 1st year anniversary. All two of us. That’s right, currently all of LiilooDesigns activities are handled by two persons who devote most of their spare time to this up and coming fashion business. I, Emily, am in charge of all fabric & accessories sourcing, design of collections, visual […]

Mint’s custom bridesmaid dress

When we design custom dresses for our gorgeous customers, the process usually takes a couple of months from sketching initial designs, fabric shopping, tailoring, 1st fitting, modifications, 2nd fitting to final dress. However, in some cases our customers have a tight deadline and we do our very best to complete everything in time. Mint is […]


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