Jo’s wedding ceremony dress

3 weeks to make a custom dress for a wedding ceremony in Africa? Challenge accepted!

Usually a dream wedding dress takes a few months to be complete but this time I faced a big challenge: make a dress in less than 3 weeks.

Jo is a very lovely girl. She found our website and contacted us immediately to share her challenge with us. Turns out, she was looking for a wedding ceremony dress for her wedding in Africa and urgently needed the dress to be completed within 3 weeks. For the wedding itself, Jo was going to wear a traditional wedding dress, but she also needed a contemporary dress for her ceremony session.

The process

Although 3 weeks is a very short time for fabric shopping, designs, and fitting rounds I really wanted to make her dress come true!! And in the end we succeeded. Two days were spent deciding on fabric and design. We ended up choosing a lovely metallic jacquard fabric from Japan. I wanted to add a special touch as well and decided to include some subtle detailing on the form of hand-stitched flowers made from artificial stone jewellery.

Custom detailing - love it!

We made it!

We were so happy delivering the dress on time. And it fit perfectly. We wish you a happy marriage and hope to see some lovely pictures of your wedding.


The beautiful bride

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