D.I.Y Fashion – A Beautiful Mess

My latest D.I.Y fashion project

Back in the days of my fashion school life in Hong Kong, one of my best school results was a D.I.Y project. I transformed a black bodycon dress into a romantic French dress. It was by no means my first D.I.Y fashion project but without a doubt the most challenging one
Since I was a little girl I’ve always liked to cut and modify my off the shelf clothes to make a new D.I.Y “dresses” for my barbie dolls. My mum would always scold me but never stop me doing it – maybe already then she knew I was going to pursue a career as a designer.

The embroidered blue playsuit with way too big sleeves

So, I bought this blue playsuit a couple weeks ago. The thing I fell for when I first saw it was the lovely embroidery on the fabric. But when I got home and had a chance to try it on, the initial excitement turned into disappointment. The shoulder and the sleeves were way too big. I decided to take things into my own matter and transform the playsuit to something unique.

No turning back

My first idea was to try and keep the long sleeves and make them smaller. This turned out to be impossible since the cutting of the big sleeve meant that is was joined together with the front part and all the way to the waist. The only way forward was to either remove the top part and keep the pants or go for an even bigger transformation!

A complete transformation

So yea, I turned it into my all-time favorite Open Back playsuit instead by removing the back and 2 big sleeves and re-adjusting the front.
I definitely feel the greatest DIY results come from not being able to get what you want! This applies to everything from accessories, home equipment, foods… etc! I love the final look of my D.I.Y project and doing my own impromptu photo shoot made me feel alive on an otherwise slow Sunday morning! lol…

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