Mark’s 3 piece custom tailored groom suit

Mark's 3 piece custom tailored groom suit

When it comes to men in suits, people always have the feeling that only successful and important people wear suits. So if a guy is wearing a suit, he must have done something right. What woman wouldn’t like to be a part of a man’s success?

No matter what others might say, we have to admit: men look hot in suits. A suit makes them look taller, more fit, and also makes their shoulders look wider. What else is could a man wish for?

The design process

Last Autumn I started doing men’s suits, and I’m so happy my clients love the design and the fabric I choose. So I decided to help my husband to design and make his wedding suits. I don’t like to play things safe, so I told him I was going to be creative with the material color and it might not be what he expected.

I chose a light grey, light purple, and blue lattice texture in cashmere despite most grooms opting for safer colors such as black, white or royal blue. When I first showed him the material his reaction was “hmm are you sure” 🙂 But luckily he always believes in me when come to fashion matters!

After I finished the whole 3 piece suit I started to doubt to my self a little because of the unusual color choice. But you never know how it will look until you put it on! When I saw my husband wear it I’m like YES this is exactly what I want! The color and the cutting fits him so well!

For cutting and style I prefer Italian suits with destructured detailing, high George lines, close fitting, flap-less pocket etc. And the cutting and style of this suit turned out very elegant and clean.

This was a very happy – and at the same time a bit stressful – experience for me because I wasn’t sure I could design and make my husband’s very first custom suit. Now I’m sure I’ll be designing more suits for him in the future.

Here are some of our wedding photos!

The finished suit

One thought on “Mark’s 3 piece custom tailored groom suit

  1. Ron Master Tailors says:

    Hey Emily!
    I just read your post and your story. I must say you are talented and your tailoring style is very good, indeed.
    Your wedding photos are adorable and hats off to you for tailoring your husband’s cloth so perfect.
    God bless you!

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