Introducing LiilooDesigns’ new limited edition Queen of the Night collection

Life-altering events

LiilooDesigns’ new Queen of the Night collection was designed in the middle of some life-altering events. Over the last year I first became and wife and then a mother. I am at the same time emotional, excited, transformed, and apprehensive, which is reflected in the design of the new collection. Whereas my previous collection was lively and fun, I am now exploring the interplay between the dark side that human nature cannot understand and the colored side that is waiting to be discovered..

Two-sided fabric to reflect human nature

I have chosen to use two-sided fabric to reflect human nature. The main material of all designs is Japanese black double-sided satin, which is complemented by inner lining made by Japanese single-sided colored satin. Now a days it feels like people very easily express their opinions and emotions with negative, so I hope that the burst of color whenever the black fabric moves in the air, can remind people to see the lighter side of things with positive energy.

never a loss of elegance

The Queen of the Night collection features design elements that are dominated by the complex emotional nature of a woman and her female curves. I have retained my favorite backless design in an elegant way to bring out the beauty behind the lines. In addition to the backless elements, the overall design accentuates the beauty and sensuality of the female body. There is never a loss of elegance and every design embraces the multiple facets that every girl wants.

There are no truly black flowers

I have named my new collection after some of the World’s most iconic black flowers. There are no truly black flowers in this world – only nuances of deep purple that appear black at a first glance but upon closer inspection reveal more depth of color. In a similar way, my new collection is black on the surface with vibrant colors within just waiting for further exploration.

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