The NuBra concept will increase your confidence in wearing backless designs

What is a NuBra?

As everyone knows, I am quite crazy about the backless design on anything from dresses to jumpsuits or tops. This is also the case for our new Classic & Timeless and Retro & Colorful collections. It’s all about showing off the gorgeous back figures of women.

However, some customers are not always confident wearing a backless designs. This is where the NuBra can help. NuBra is a strapless, backless adhesive bra with self-adhesive silicone or fabric bra cups. The bra compliments any backless outfit giving you full support and cleavage control.

Which brand of NuBra should I choose?

My friends and customers have tried many different brands of NuBra with mixed results. Many times the silicone NuBras are too heavy and the shape is not perfect for all breast sizes. Other complaints include that the bra is not comfortable in hot weather.

I’ve had exactly the same experiences but now I’ve finally found my favorite brand of NuBra! I been wearing it for more than a year now and I still love it.

The bra is made of cotton with silicone adhesive padding and there’s no wire so it’s very comfortable to wear. On the product website the bra is shown to be able to hold a 5kg water bottle. I did the test myself and it’s actually true, which means this NuBra offers full support big breasted ladies. Furthermore, if you have a small size bust this bra can help you to gather the chest too.

The bra can be purchased here:

Product care and how to wear

I found a few videos teaching you how to wash and wear this particular brand of NuBra. The videos are in Mandarin but I hope they still make sense. With regards to washing, simply rinse in water and then air dry. Afterwards you re-attach the plastic to the sticky part. It’s all explained in the video below.


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